Some blogs have resonated strongly with our readers this past year. As we move forward toward what will hopefully be a much more sustainable, regenerative future we thought it would be interesting to see which posts resonated with our readers the most.  Here are the most popular blogs of 2020:

The Wolf You Feed Gets Stronger: An old Cherokee tale helps us understand old and new ways of being, thinking and acting.

How Paradigms Fail:  Signs to watch for when paradigms begin to fail and/or shift.

Our Response to the Coronavirus: How it would look if we modeled our response to the virus on nature’s lessons.

The Disruptive Report Card: A tool to provide feedback on how well we are adapting and leading in this time of major disruption.

Viewing Leadership Through a Systems Lens in a Pandemic: 3 systems lenses to accurately view – and evaluate – the different types of leadership responses to this crisis.

5 Questions as We Pause and Reset: A reflection on how we might all have changed when we come out of this time.

Seeing What is Invisible to Others: The ability to see what is not always visible is an essential element of leadership, especially with so many unknowns.

What Nature Teaches about Resilience & Abundance: Nature would teach us that there is another way of operating a system based on abundance and generosity.

5 Ways Nature Can Help Us Make Sense of Our Times: Nature can help us gain a bird’s eye view of the dance floor to see the patterns that are obscured from the ground.

Engaging Remote Employees: Given so many are working from home right now, it might be good to apply the lessons that nature uses to create an engaged ecosystem.

For most of us, the last 12 months have changed us forever. Undoubtedly these times have changed our communities and our world. We thank you for your interest in our topics and look forward to engaging with all of you in 2021.