As we head into fall, I cannot help but look back fondly on another Minnesota summer and be thankful for the lessons nature has taught us. Here is the collection of articles from the past month sharing some of those lessons.

Seeds, Germination and What Nature Can Teach Us About Faith – September 6, 2019

Have you ever realized that the act of planting vegetables and flowers is not only a natural process but also a leap of faith? Learn more about what nature can teach us about faith here.

interdependenceWe Are All Part of the Problem and the Solution – September 13, 2019

As leaders, we are part of the problem as we often attempt to initiate change with the mindset that it is the responsibility of others but when we embrace an interdependent outlook, we can be part of the solution. Read more about how we can all embrace interdependence and inspire change here.

Unleashing Self-Organization

In nature, unleashing self-organization is always aligned with the higher purpose of the whole ecosystem. Find out how you can find and name your organization’s higher shared purpose here.


Climate Strikes – Reflections

Climate change activism sparked some thoughts on what we all need to do to help not only our organizations, but our planet. Find out how business and climate activism are intertwined in this bonus post from Kathy here.