We all have been guilty of getting lost in our head. Our electronics can often consume us when we are walking down the street and we are not aware of our surroundings. We’ve all heard it said that we should “live in the moment.” What that essentially means is to be fully immersed in what you are doing. Did you know that valuable life lessons are all around us? When you fully embrace your surroundings and look for life lessons you will see them in every thing you do.

Dr. Kathleen E. Allen is the president of Allen and Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in leadership, innovation, and organizational change. In her consulting practice, she specializes in leadership coaching and organizational change in non-profit organizations, foundations and collaborative networks. Today, she reviews her books Leading from the Roots: Nature Inspired Leadership Lessons for Today’s World which takes nature as a source of inspiration to help organizations see a new way of leading and designing workplace structure.

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