Nature has made a brilliant show of colorful, falling leaves and ranging temperatures here in Minnesota as we’ve started the transition to colder weather. Movement was a key theme in many of my writings from the past month. Here’s a rollup of October leadership insights in case you missed them!

nature and patterns of leadershipMovement and Nature’s Patterns of Leadership – October 3, 2019

Living systems are always in movement. Follow this link to discover how to see yourself as the external power source to get your organization moving.

New Online Course Shares Nature Inspired Lessons to Build Healthy Businesses – October 9, 2019

Dr. Kathleen Allen has released a new online course. Click here to find out more about how this course can help you create innovative and effective teams, and unleash the energy of the people you work with.

Interdependence and its Implications for Leading Change – October 11, 2019

Nature is structured as a network of relationships and connections, which over time evolve into interdependence. Learn more about leading from a networked, interdependent framework to help achieve changes that help a system thrive.

Leadership Transitions: A Lesson in Growth from the Trees – October 18, 2019

Trees are inherently designed to grow the next generation in a forest ecology. Find out how the wisdom embedded in this design offers fruits of insight for leadership transitions here.

nature and management Generous and Hierarchical Systems – A Half-Changed World – October 25, 2019

In nature, ecologies exist as generous systems that thrive on interdependence and abundance. Read here to learn how humans, too, are capable of cooperating in generous systems to achieve a higher purpose.