There is so much to learn from the natural world about how to live a life based on relationships, abundance and giving. November provided an excellent opportunity to reflect on these ideas and to offer thanks. Explore this month’s list for meaningful leadership and life insights.

Seeing Interdependencies – Why It Matters – November 5, 2019

Nature functions through networks and relationships, and interdependencies are what give nature and ecological systems their integrity. Read here to learn how to recognize and value interdependence and reconnect to your interdependencies.


Trust is Relationship Glue and Productivity Grease – November 12, 2019

Trust significantly affects our world, our relationships, our communities and our organizations. Find out how change flows through relationships at the speed of trust, and learn how to increase trust in your organizational system.

Changing the Order of Things – November 21, 2019

What if we put the earth, plants, animals and the needs of future generations ahead of human wants? Learn about the kinds of innovation and relationship growth that could be possible if we changed our order of things in the practice of a traditional Native American philosophy.

Giving Thanks to Nature – November 22, 2019

I am thankful for the many lessons nature teaches us about generosity. Read here to discover how to live a life grounded in love, where we find security and enough-ness through the generosity of relationships with others and with nature.