Leading from the Roots is the paradigm for leadership in the 21st century. Instead of looking for quick fixes, this book takes a holistic approach to organizations through the lens of nature. What would change if you thought about your organization as a living system?

My Thoughts

Dr. Kathleen E. Allen wrote this book in hopes people will use inspirations found in nature to help businesses design a way out of complex problems. All the while, helping organizations to pursue a healthy understanding of the role that leadership processes play in creating a sustainable and fruitful future.

You undoubtedly now think this book is about change and it is, but more than that, it’s about how businesses can go about finding direction in the context of investigating perspectives for nurturing and enhancing relationships.

Dr. Allen begins by getting at the root of the matter and asking some serious questions about what is causing the disorganization in the first place, knowing the issues have a great impact on the decisions. 

Those of us who plot out particular paths in the natural world know that nature is highly adaptive, and in nature, humans often discount species that are difficult to interact with and this likely carries over into our workforce.

I appreciate that Dr. Allen brings up a question that concerns many in the working sector.

“What drains our energy?”

This is often voiced in conjunction with those working over-time and/or an employee feeling unsafe, living with self-doubt and seeking self-preservation, resulting in an acute stress response.

Moving forward, Dr. Allen presents that positive energy is boosted by utilizing authentic relationships, a shared higher purpose and reciprocity, thus showing us that utilizing interconnected relationships to change consumptive organizations to generous ones, is working.

She breaks down ecological principles and describes the nature of systemic leadership processes that are designed to create and encourage community, and foster organizational renewal.  

In closing, I truly can’t say enough good things about this book. In nature, things often let go and move forward to be part of the whole. Similarly, in a living system environment, we learn that people evolve and become more diverse. This enhances decision making and not only does it helps to accomplish goals, but it also gives all a greater sense of belonging.

I received a copy of this wonderful book, via Dina Ely, from Morgan James Publishing for my honest review.