By David Erskine

Dr.  Allen asked me to write a sixth blog yet again from just ten minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.   As I write this in early December, the news is that California must flatten the curve (for a third time.) So far, our state has completed 37 weeks with the goal to flatten the curve, support frontline health workers and keep ourselves and our families healthy.

Three key points to discuss on this blog:

  • Live Life Fully.
  • Do Not Settle.
  • Aim High.

Live Life Fully.  Let us dig a little deeper.  Earlier this month a close friend had a heart attack and did not survive.  This man was a natural athlete on several levels.  He would wake up at 5am to go windsurfing under the Golden Gate Bridge before going to work as an attorney.  Over the last few years, he took up Bikram yoga and for several months practiced daily.  He also was a craftsman and built a cabin in Northern California.  Finally, he is said to have shot a black bear to protect his 3-year-old son.  At his outdoor service the stories told by close friends were many and my takeaway was that he really lived life to the fullest…no complaints…no “what ifs”…just windsurfing in the moment under the Golden Gate Bridge amid dolphins (and probably sharks) as the sun  was rising over the Bay.  Live Life Fully!

Do Not Settle.  This is a recent lesson learned on a personal level by gaining a deeper understanding of what constitutes a meaningful relationship.  I look at relationships as living systems with a need to evolve and change over time.  Otherwise, we stay stuck in the status quo and the relationship does not blossom and grow. Instead, it becomes stagnant and withers.  Also, it requires an equal amount of give and take on both sides to strive, grow and survive.  I found myself in one of these relationships for three years.  Finally, it was time to say to myself…why settle…and you know what?  The lightbulb came on and I said, “It’s over and now is my chance to live life fully and not settle.”  The best part is that this stagnant/status quo relationship will no longer hold me back. I can start anew, and the best part is that this relationship will not be part of my life.  Do Not Settle!

Aim High.  In talking with a close colleague, she shared her latest goal and stated, “I am going to change the world”.  I initially thought…okay…seems pretty audacious. Then she shared her three key tenets to getting there and I thought,  wow!  Each of us can actually change the world, but we need to be bold and audacious enough to say it out loud and get to work.  My challenge to each of you and myself is to ask on this sunny December California Morn…what are you going to do today to change world.  What are you waiting for?  Aim High!

And as always, remember our Heroes on the frontlines will live in our hearts and minds forever. Our collective will to fight systemic racism will grow in our DNA.  The question remains what each of us will choose…for me Count Me In with gratitude and love!

David – World Traveler, Poet, Actor, Taxi-Driver…Blogger