Leading Through Disruption: A Living Systems Path to Rapid Adaptation

Join a Series of Calls with a Panel of Living System Thinkers 

 Are you looking for an approach to leadership that responds to disruption in a more natural way? 

We invite leaders from every sector to an insightful interactive conversation to explore:

  • The definition of living systems, and how nature can be used as a model and mentor for an organization.
  • Ways in which living systems accelerate adaptation, and why rapid adaptation is key to not only surviving, but thriving.
  • An invitation to think differently about leadership in ways that are relevant in our new reality.

Using a living systems framework, participants will explore ways to move past obstacles more quickly and adapt more naturally to our changing environment. 

As old paradigms break down, join us for this important conversation to recognize an emerging paradigm that is more regenerative, just and sustainable. 

Join our panel as they pose powerful questions every leader must ask of themselves and their organization now. Work with peers during an interactive breakout session to discover new ways of leading that naturally adapt to any change, no matter what the disruption. 






Learn more about our panel of leaders here.

Attendees will also receive: 

  • A recording
 of the call 
  • PDF
s of the Living Systems & Adaptive Cycle Context shared on the call
  • A free chapter of Kathy Allen’s book
, Leading From the Roots


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