Leading Through Disruption: Sustaining Frameworks

What frameworks are sustaining you? What frameworks are sustaining your organization? What frameworks are sustaining the world?

You’re invited to Leading Through Disruption: Sustaining Frameworks.
Join a free LIVE 75 Minute Zoom Call with a Panel of Living System Thinkers on August 5, 2020 at 11am PT/12 pm MT/1 pm CT /2 pm ET

We invite leaders from every sector to an insightful and interactive conversation to:

  • Acknowledge and build on the ancient wisdom that exists in Indigenous communities to help us deepen our understanding of what regenerative systems and environments look like.
  • Continue to grow our work in understanding the Adaptive Cycle by focusing on ways to thrive in the Sustain stage of the cycle.
  • Hear and share examples of the frameworks that will support a more regenerative and just culture.

This session will continue from and expanding upon the conversation from our last three calls — Living Systems Path to Rapid Adaptation, Exploring New Patterns and Possibilities, and Germinating and Launching A New Way. Participants will reflect on what sustaining frameworks and deep wisdom they want to use to design their future building so they may continue to change and evolve how they work and lead in a rapidly changing environment.

Join our panel as they share powerful concepts and pose key questions every leader must ask of themselves and their organization right now. Work with peers during an interactive breakout session about what they are designing and how they are leading with regenerative systems going forward.

Attendees will also receive: 

  • A recording
 of the call. 
  • Notes from breakout sessions. 
  • PDF’s of resources shared on the call.