Leading Through Disruption Series: Post-Call Materials

Updates from our Zoom call on June 25th, 2020


During our third call we focused on the third element of the adaptive cycle – LAUNCH. Participants reflected on what is germinating within them, and what they want to act on that will continue to change and evolve how they work and lead in a rapidly changing environment.

Updates from our Zoom call on May 20th, 2020

In the second call of our series on Leading Through Disruption, we focused on the second element of the adaptive cycle, exploring patterns and possibilities that are emerging out of the pandemic. The call included opening remarks on living systems and learning from nature about regenerative design.


In addition, follow the links to find these resources:

Updates from our Zoom call on April 15th, 2020.

During the call, we discussed powerful questions every leader must ask of themselves and their organization now. As old paradigms break down, we must recognize an emerging paradigm that is more regenerative, just and sustainable. Here are some valuable resources to help you continue your Living System leadership journey, including this recording of the first portion of our call: 


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Kathy, Chris, Daniel, Marcus & Steph