Leading Through Disruption: Exploring New Patterns & Possibilities

Join a free LIVE 75 Minute Zoom Call with a Panel of Living System Thinkers

May 20, 2020 at 11 am PT / 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET

What can we observe after a disruption that calls us to explore possibilities for creating a new paradigm?

We invite leaders from every sector to an insightful interactive conversation to discover:

  • A framework for using regenerative design and innovation to create thriving systems.
  • Ways in which living systems reorganize after a disruption and make sense of new patterns.
  • How to apply the ‘Explore’ phase in the Adaptive Cycle to sense new patterns and discover new possibilities.
  • An invitation to explore possibilities for renewal that are emerging from the pandemic.

Continuing from and expanding upon the conversation from our first call, A Living Systems Path to Rapid Adaptation, participants will unearth themes from what they are noticing at individual, organizational, and systems levels, and probe for new patterns and potential next steps for co-creating a more regenerative, just and sustainable future.

Work with peers during an interactive breakout session to explore patterns and possibilities that can be nurtured for growth and new life. Join our panel as they pose powerful questions every leader must ask of themselves and their organization now.

Attendees will also receive: 

  • A recording
 of the call. 
  • Notes from breakout sessions. 
  • PDF’s of resources shared on the call.