Just like the butterflies we’re starting to see, I too have shed my winter cocoon and started to fly as I begin to spend more time on location with leadership teams eagerly seeking a way to implement the Leading from the Roots model. I’m sure your spring has been jam packed as well – so about this time each month I’m going to “roll up” my latest writings for you with a brief description and links to each piece with nature leadership insights for your convenience. Enjoy!

What Nature Can Teach Us About Listening – May 30, 2019

We’re all trying to become better listeners. Focusing on listening in the same way nature does – with a strong feedback and response mechanism – can make a huge difference in communicating successfully on a daily basis. Of course, this is helpful at work and at home! Read more about this technique here. 


Change in NatureChange in Nature is Not Incremental – June 11, 2019

Nature doesn’t move forward in an entirely linear fashion – it’s a system of leaps and stalls. Understanding that change happens in much the same way in our organizations can help us “go with the flow” which reduces stress and allows for more creativity within the forward motion. Read more about why natural, cyclic rhythms are much more powerful. 


Optimizing Interdependence as a Leader – June 16, 2019

Interdependence creates a much more generous system that can expand and adapt as the need for change and transformation arises. As a leader, interdependence requires a shift in priorities from traditional thinking to a mindset that is much more diverse and mutually beneficial. Read more about the shift in mindset and ways to optimize interdependence here. 


The Benefit of Attraction vs. Push as a Leader – June 26, 2019

You may not know that this spring I was honored to become a leadership contributor on the Business2Community website. In this post, I explain how the old ways of “pushing down” change are no longer working, and the role of technology in this shift. So a better route is to focus on attraction. Read more about the benefits of attracting the change you want from the bottom on up.