July was a beautiful month here in Minnesota. Now, as we move into the last month of summer, I’m struck by how much we can learn about nature’s ebb and flow – from the adaptive cycle we see reflected (pardon the pun) in the movement to water, to the ways that engagement can be maximized from a more wholistic, systems framework. Here’s a rollup of July leadership insights from my writing last month in case you missed it!

water finds a wayWater Finds a Way – and We Should Too July 8, 2019

I used some themes from my travel in the northern region of our state to examine the organizational lessons we can learn from water – and the way it adapts and moves based on its surroundings. As leaders we can all learn how to flow with this organic, natural adaptive cycle in a way that’s much less stressful (and much more powerful). Read more about what water can teach us here. 

optimizing the wholeOptimizing the Whole System – Not Just the Parts  July 19, 2019

As leaders, if we don’t focus on the whole and only on the parts we create unintended consequences. Taking this thought one step further – the more we optimize a part in an organization, the less effective the whole system will be. Learn some simple steps for optimizing the whole system here. 

Simple Steps to Using Systems Thinking to Improve Engagement July 29, 2019

Understanding the classic engagement patterns is a good way to find strategies to promote stronger, more authentic engagement with employees. Whether they’re Withdrawn, Disenfranchised, or exhibiting some other pattern, targeting specific behaviors can go a long way. Learn more about these engagement patterns here.