January is often a time for reflection, inspiration and change. Nature teaches us valuable lessons for how to reorganize our thinking and grow not only as individuals, but also as leaders of our organizations. In case you missed them, check out this month’s leadership insights.


Freeing Up Energy by Letting Go – January 3, 2020

Nature teaches us to let go of conventional ideas and habits and reorganize the way we think. Read about how letting go can help you design, lead and manage your organization to regenerate itself.


Join me for a free learning experience Monday, February 3rd

My friends at the Pachamama Alliance have invited me to participate in an upcoming global call to present a mini-lecture on key ideas from my book, including how to increase trust in your organizational system. Click here to learn more and register for the event.

Returning to Nature with Deep Change – January 15, 2020

How can we learn to recognize and release old thought patterns that no longer serve us going forward? Discover what it means to distort existing patterns of action and initiate deep change.

What Nature Teaches Us About Diversity and Abundance – January 23, 2020

Nature banks on diversity and rewards cooperation as a design principle of its evolving system, showing us that diverse systems are more resilient. Explore how leadership, too, should seek out diversity to help the larger system thrive.


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