As leaders today in times of never-ending change and increasing complexity we know: being a leader is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Great leadership requires more than one skill-set; it takes constant focus, a much bigger vision and very strong influencing skills.

Let me ask you: What if you could create a paradigm shift? A shift in the way you define, shape and experience leadership? What if you could create better results for and with the people you lead? What if you could emerge as the type of leader who moved away from the control-based paradigm and focuses on new ways to realize visions?

This new type of leadership is here. It’s called systemic leadership. Systemic leadership is about leadership as a role that belongs to an entire team, organization or community, rather than just a job description for a leader. Systemic leadership helps an organization or community to achieve their common vision, through sharing power and ownership. It’s holistic, inclusive and sustainable.

At the Systemic Leadership Summit – which is a live online summit, featuring more than 20 of the biggest names and most impactful experts in the systemic leadership profession – the speakers share their most profound approaches, frameworks and methodologies that you can apply in your own leadership right away. You’ll gain extraordinary value from the summit!

If you’re interested in learning from the best of the best and increasing the quality of your change and transformation results in your organization as a result, I highly recommend that you join the complimentary online summit held January 14 – 21, 2018. You’ll get access to more than 20 power sessions at absolutely no cost!

You are free to register to have access to as many sessions as you’d like and you can simply attend the ones that are most relevant to you at this point.

The world-class presenters at SLS 2018 will cover a range of topics and different areas of systemic leadership, so I promise you will find many incredible sessions that are absolutely relevant to you and your leadership, as you will have the opportunity to learn from high-level systemic experts and industry leaders at SLS!

Here are just a few examples of all the profound content you’ll be able to access when you join the complimentary summit:

  • The Future of Leadership & Leadership Coaching: why we need to stop creating 20th-century leaders and start developing 21st-century leadership.
  • Global Systemic Leadership in Politics and Business: a conversation about how the World Economic Forum shapes Systemic Leadership to tackle world problems.
  • Systems Blindness & Stuck Systems: how to be a catalyst for change when a leadership team or organization is stuck.
  • Holacracy: learn about leadership when goals and roles rule from the inventor himself.
  • Leading from the Foots: what design principles in nature can teach us about creating & developing generous organizations.
  • The Power and Potential of Conflict: Deep Democracy as a method to leverage conflict.
  • Human-Centered Leadership: why leadership needs to focus on the human aspect.
  • The Inside Team: dealing with different aspects of yourself as a leader.
  • Building Tribes: the importance of rituals and relationships when creating strong tribes.
  • Woman Leadership & Systemic Change: why transforming the system is an inner job.
  • Organic System Framework: understanding Barry Oshry’s powerful work on patterns in our systems.

And so much more!

Click here to learn more and to reserve your spot for the complimentary Systemic Leadership Summit!