February, in many parts of the country, is cold and wintry – an excellent time for reflection indoors. From nature’s example, we see that trust is integral to the foundation of our working relationships. And these relationships even affect our workflows. This month’s leadership insights delver further into these ideas and more. Check them out here:


Exploring the Trust – Relationship Dynamic – February 4, 2020

To guide change within networked, interdependent systems, it is critical to understand the dynamic between trust and relationships. Read about how to build strategies to influence systems change within your own organization.

The Importance of Relationships to the Bottom Line – February 12, 2020

Organizations are interconnected systems built on relationships. Learn how to value interconnectedness to achieve a sustainable, thriving organization now and in the future.

Finite or Infinite Workflow – Nature Knows Best – February 18, 2020

What is the difference between finite and infinite workflow? Discover how your perception affects your productivity as well as your assumptions about your relationship with work.

Thrive Global: Embracing Natural Tensions – February 25, 2020

Nature shows us that workplace tensions can benefit an organization when viewed and managed correctly. Learn more from my recent article in Thrive Global.