Dr.  Allen asked me to write a fourth blog yet again from just ten minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. If you read my last blog, you know that we experienced another COVID-19 surge a few weeks ago. The good news now is that California has flattened the  curve (for a second time) as I write this mid-September. So far our state has completed 26 weeks with the goal to flatten the curve, support frontline health workers and keep ourselves and our families healthy.

Literally half a year later, I thought it might be a good idea to summarize some of the lessons this pandemic has taught me – or at least reinforced.

  1. Practice Gratitude – Every day brings change. Embrace it.
  2. Commit to Daily Exercise – Not only does it clear the mind, it gives new perspective.
  3. Speaking of Perspective – We are in this together. Noise is just a distraction.
  4. Embrace Uncertainty – Accept uncertainty, and remember that it often leads to creativity.
  5. Give Back – Mentor three people, and share your wisdom whenever there’s an opportunity.
  6. Be Pro-Active – Do NOT wait for change. MAKE the change.
  7. Be Creative – Whether you write, paint or blog like me, create something new.
  8. Do Bikram Yoga – Yoga keeps me present, by forcing me to balance, focus and breathe.
  9. Enjoy Surprises – Every day surprises can literally cover me with joy.
  10. Drop Your Ego – My ego is not my amigo. The love I receive is equal to the love I make.
  11. Control Trichotomy – Stoic philosophy says only focus on what you can completely control. (Hey, it’s worked for 2000+ years!)
  12. Conquer Hate with Love –  Love is about others. Hate is about ego. (See #10.)
  13. Laugh and Make Others Laugh – Share a joke with an essential worker, for example. I promise, it will be the highlight of the day.
  14. Remember that Negativity is a Drain – Literally, it’s a bottomless pit. Try to find joy, most likely in helping others find THEIR joy.
  15. Make Every Breath Precious – Remembering this can literally change your life.

These are my top 15 lessons. Don’t be afraid to share with us what you’ve learned in the comment section, I’d love to see more on this list!

And as always, remember our Heroes on the frontlines will live in our hearts and minds forever. Our collective will to fight systemic racism will grow in our DNA.  The question remains what each of us will choose…for me Count Me In with gratitude and love!

Dave – World Traveler, Poet, Actor, Taxi-Driver…Blogger