By David Erskine

Dr.  Allen asked me to write a fifth blog once again from just ten minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.   The good news is that California has flattened the curve (for a second time) as I write this mid – October. So far our state has completed 32 weeks with the goal to flatten the curve, support frontline health workers and keep ourselves and our families healthy.

Fear, and more specifically the fear of living with change and uncertainty, can be incredibly challenging to say the least.  2020 has given us the opportunity to look deeply into ourselves and try to find a way forward despite the impacts of COVID-19, wildfires, unhealthy air and what seems to be a  sharply divided political landscape. Although Black Lives Matter (BLM) has already helped us with a meaningful and moving response, in many cities, civil unrest has also been a factor

Okay…stop…First,  relax your face and smile…Second,  inhale a slow calming breath…Third,  slowdown your pace in this moment  by walking or simply focusing on your your heart rate.  You feel better and calmer…right?

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program of uncertainty. The great Roman philosopher Tacitus suggested in 56 AD that we should accept uncertainty, face our fears and embrace change.  Why, you may ask? Because uncertainty and change are two things we can count on happening all the time.  More importantly, by embracing uncertainty you will feel more alive, more alert and more creative.

BLM was a wake-up call to everyone that until all of us are treated equally and free,  none of us is equal nor free.  The wildfires are nature saying once again pay attention and stay in the moment. 

Frankly, COVID-19 is a reminder that nature is in charge and always has been.

Climate change is a global issue and must be addressed together and not as individual states or nations.  It is a worldwide team-based initiative because we are all connected – especially to the rain forests in Brazil and elsewhere.

I have some good news, however. The division between us is not as deep as the news on both sides would have us believe.  I completed Get Out the Vote calls this past week and called on 20 different days over 9 weeks.  I got out of my West Coast “bubble” and found good and decent people all over the country.  We may not have always agreed, but we were largely kind and decent to each other and respectful.  I talked with over 200 voters by the way…a good sample size on which to base my findings.

I  have been a professional actor on stage and screen since high school.  I love a good movie and whatever happens I will continue to fight for what is right, be authentic and know a glorious sunrise is at our fingertips.

And as always, remember our Heroes on the frontlines will live in our hearts and minds forever. Our collective will to fight systemic racism will grow in our DNA.  The question remains what each of us will choose…as for me Count Me In with gratitude and love!

David – World Traveler, Poet, Actor, Taxi-Driver…Blogger

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